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Brushless Motor core for Stator Rotor


stator and rotor,per minute punch 250 times,induction core,carbide blade material,ISO9001:2008 certificate

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Brushless motor rotor and statorIntroduction:material: Silicon Steel Stator OD: 120mm Service: OEM Type: Brushless MotorClick Number Of Times: 5057Consult ImtelyIntroduction

Product details:

Item Name: brushless motor core

Mould Type: single progressive stamping mould,

Mould Material: Carbide Steel

Product Material: Silicon Steel

Cavity: 1,2, 5,….depends on your application

Application: home appliance, electronic hardware, auto parts, hardware

Lead Time: 10 to 25 days

Certificate: ISO9001:2008

Payment term: L/C, T/T

Package: wooden case

Finish: polishing, heat treatment, TD coating, electroplating, chrome coated, painting, zinc-plating etc

Equipments: CNC machining center, EDM, WEDM, WEDM-HS, linear cutting machine, radial drill,   sawing machine, grinding machine, milling machine, lathe, punch, Rockwell-hardness-tester, projector, Dial Calipers, slide Calipers etc


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